Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, english Romantic novelist, biographer and editor, best known as the writer of ‘Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus’ (1818). Mary Shelley was 21 when the book was published; she started to write it when she was 18. The story deals with an ambitious young scientist. He creates life but then rejects his creation, a monster. The story of Frankenstein’s monster has inspired over 50 films.

On Tuesday, 17 April, we have gone to the school of Salesianos to see the story of Frankenstein. It is about an English scientist who decides to create a human person called Richard but he is not a human person, it is a monster. At the beginning, Richard can not speak or understand but then he learn to, and he decides to go away from the laboratory of his creator, Viktor Frankenstein. When he is in the street he meet a little girl and they become good friends, but when they are playing, Richard kills her accidentally and he begins to cry. After that, Viktor goes out to look for Richard and he goes to his Laboratory and when he arrives, he finds Richard. Then Viktor says that Richard is a monster and then Richard becomes angry and he electrifies Viktor and accidentally, he kills Elisabeth (Viktor´s girlfriend). And that is all.


El martes 17 de abril hemos ido al colegio de los Salesianos para ver la obra de Frankenstein. Es sobre un científico inglés que decide crear un humano llamado Richard pero no era un humano, era un monstruo.
Al principio, Richard no sabe ni hablar ni entender, pero luego aprende, y decide marcharse del laboratorio de su amo, Viktor Frankenstein. Cuando está en la calle conoce a una niña y se hacen amigos, pero cuando están jugando, Richard la mata accidentalmente y comienza a llorar.
Después de esto Viktor sale en busca de Richard y va a su laboratorio y allí lo encuentra. Luego Viktor dice que Richard es un monstruo y entonces Richard se enfada y lo electrocuta y accidentalmente mata también a la novia de Viktor.


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